Chinese Yue Opera Night

An opportunity to enjoy the dreamy stage and glamorous costumes of the classic Chinese culture, LA Yue Opera Troupe brings you selected masterpieces of the Chinese Opera. With vivid choreography and elegant vocals, the stunning performance is a feast for both eyes and ears.


Highlights of the performance:

Photo from the performance:

IMG_5499 A
BAI_0812_打金枝 5510-1 A 打金枝5482-1 A 游上林5386-1 A 怒沉5397-1A 西厢记

5421-1 A

_MG_4523 秦莹 盘夫

_MG_4941 桑园访妻_MG_4550 送王郎


_MG_5306 A 谢幕2

_MG_5301 -1 谢幕
All performance:

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